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Clara Favale, PT, CST

Clara Favale started her career with a master’s degree in physical therapy,

from NYU. After many years of clinical experience working with babies, children and adults with traumatic injuries and disease led her to Craniosacral Therapy. She studied CST for 15 years, before learning of Franklyn Sills and his approach, which greatly inspired her. Her journey with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy began with studies at the Karuna Institute in 2000 in Devon, England.


Clara has taught continuing education courses in pre- and postnatal PT. She enjoys working with babies and children, and adults of all ages and all degrees of challenges in her private practice. She is inspired daily by this work and is humbled by the vast nature of the human experience and the luminous spirit

which unfolds as healing occurs.

Clara has had the great privilege of supporting infants, babies and children with many of the typical challenges that can arise in the early years such as sleep issues, colic, breastfeeding issues, surgical interventions, behavioral issues, attachment, allergies, torticollis, plagiocephaly, as well as more challenging issues

such as ADD, DD, cerebral palsy, neurological diseases, traumatic injuries. BCST is well known for its gentle approach in working with infants and children around these



Clara helps parents settle with little one and develop skills, confidence and trust in supporting their intuition in meeting their child’s needs. Clara’s many years of practice in Physical Therapy contributes greatly to her understanding of anatomy and physiology, injury, trauma and disease and treatment

of issues that present themselves through physical manifestations.

With support from Franklyn Sills, her teacher and a world-renowned innovator in the field, she established the school for Biodynamic Cranial Therapy in 2005, offering a two year training course in BCST . Clara feels wholeheartedly honored to teach this work and to share this body of knowledge with students and patients alike.

To learn more or book with Clara, click here.

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