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"The first visit to the practice provided instant relief, which allowed me to actually move on my own again from a paralyzing lower back pain. Within two treatments with Amedea, the problem was sorted out entirely. I also received illustrious advice on how to avoid it flaring up again. I felt an extended level of support even after leaving my sessions which is so nurturing, caring, and most of all compassionate.

Thank you for the relief you brought to my aching body!"





"Our youngest son was very colicky and constipated when he was only a few months old. At the time, he was pooping every 4th day and had severe discomfort as a result. We were referred to Amedea as we were told Craniosacral could possibly help. Exactly 2 hours following treatment he pooped and his discomfort immediately went away. After just 3 sessions, the colic and discomfort has completely resolved! We can’t thank Amedea enough."










"One of the best body workers I've ever encountered - truly masterful -- and I feel so much better! Thank you! "












"I had the pleasure of working with Amedea during and after training for a marathon. I had hip pain that I could not get rid of and worked with Amedea to seek some relief. Amedea took the time to understand my pain level, what brought it on and my overall workout routine to see how she could help. She also found other areas of tension that contributed to my hip pain that I was not aware of.  After working with Amedea, I not only felt relief, but more aware of how I was moving my body. Could not recommend Frame Therapeutics enough!"





"Amedea is excellent. I’m an IBCLC who specializes in complex infant feeding and she has provided excellent support to many of my patients. I even see her myself—and as someone who has received a lot of bodywork in my life, I can say Amedea is one of the best practitioners I’ve ever seen. She was able to get my palate to shift, which no one else has been able to do! I’m grateful for her knowledge and gentle support."



"Amedea works some kind of magic! I wasn’t familiar with the FT modalities like craniosacral work, and I was hesitant to try another “alternative” treatment that wouldn’t really work. I was already doing physical therapy and sports massage but wasn’t getting better. A friend swore I would love this and I did. I went in to every session with athletic injuries, inflammation and imbalance (from CrossFit), and left every session feeling super relaxed and calm and pain-free. After only a few treatments, Amedea got me in a place where I wasn’t re-injuring or triggering inflammation any more. Now I know where to go when I get myself into knots again."



"Amedea is a caring and gentle practitioner.  With her skilled whole body manipulations she relieved severe pain from an injury that I suffered. Before assessing my body’s condition, she asked detailed questions about my health, sport and nutrition history. She listened to all my questions and followed up with me the day after the treatment. She helped my recovering process by suggesting exercises that I could perform between treatments. I would not hesitate to recommend her."





"Don't trust just anyone at a party who says they can crack your back. Ever. I learned that lesson the hard way and spent two, agonizing weeks in pain, unable to bend over, raise my hands above my head, roll over in bed, etc. It was awful. Amedea was able to isolate what the issue was (a removed rib) and through a single visit and a series of stretches and adjustments, put everything back where it belonged. She told me I'd be sore for a couple days, which I was, but low and behold, I was healed. Amedea is as close to a miracle worker as I've ever met."





"I went to Amedea to help work on my knee after suffering from chronic pain. I have been to a typical physical therapist but was looking for a new approach as this was a chronic pain that wouldn’t go away. I really enjoyed working with Amedea and felt that she brought a lot of new insight into my treatment and was able to use her hands on approach to help relieve me of pain and provide new techniques to keep me pain free moving forward. Amedea was interested in understanding additional pain I had and helped me with my back and to loosen my thoracic spine. Thank you Amedea!



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